Kitemarked for success

Hand sanitiser from Adcrete receives impressive quality checkmark…

Hygiene – we’ve been taught about it from a very young age as an important way of keeping ourselves safe and preventing the spread of germs. However, though it’s always been important, we’ve never been as concerned about it as we are today. Hygiene practices have launched into the forefront of public discussion and everyday concerns, whether you’re nipping out to the shops or going to work. This includes many of us in the construction industry now being extremely careful to keep our hands and surfaces clean, with many seeking new ways to raise onsite and office hygiene standards.

Belfast-based Adcrete, with the aid of sister company, Christeyns, recently added hygiene products to its portfolio. Amongst those products are Phago’rub Gel SPS and Phago’rub Solution SPS hand sanitising gels. Christeyns are very pleased to announce that they have recently obtained the prestigious British Standard Kitemark for these two products, making them the world’s first BSI Kitemarked hand sanitiser products.

There has been an explosion of new hygiene products onto the market, some of which may be ineffective, unsuitable or, at worst, illegal according to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in their recent study and report. With the British Standard Kitemark, customers have assurance for the quality, efficacy and production methods employed by the UK manufacturing team in producing a world class formula for Adcrete’s hand sanitisation products.

As part of a hygiene chemical manufacturing group, Adcrete, with guidance from colleagues at Christeyns, are in a strong position to offer advice and provide tried and tested sanitation products to help support companies with the new protocols in place to keep us all safe in our new normal.

In addition to the new hygiene products, Adcrete Ltd is the sole distributor of Oscrete Construction products in Ireland and Northern Ireland and has established a reputation for providing innovation, experience and first-class partnering to the precast concrete, ready-mix and ready-to-use mortar industries.

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