Keylite Polar delivers new options for builders and installers

Focusing on innovation and performance

Keylite Polar is an award winning innovative range of bright white roof windows which has brought a range of benefits to the market, both for the installers who fit the windows and the end users who reap the benefit of a bright white interior.

Polar’s PVC construction raises the bar on the performance already set by Keylite’s award winning timber windows. It establishes a new standard in maintenance-free, energy efficient roof windows, with options available for every project.

This range shares the same easy installation and thermal benefits as the other Keylite ranges, with its unique flick-fit brackets, easy sash feature and expanding thermal collar included as standard. In addition, it offers up to 11% more daylight transmission and a restyled exterior with less visible fixings, setting new standards in design from Keylite.

Polar’s PVC frame provides benefits not previously experienced with timber, making it inherently moisture resistant and maintenance free, even when used in the most moisture prone locations such as kitchens and bathrooms. For the installer, these benefits extend to a wipe clean surface, ideal for removing grubby hand marks, plaster and general grime associated with building site conditions.

The PVC frame is also a more sturdy option than its timber equivalent, making it more immune to the odd knock during installation. In terms of thermal performance, the benefits of Polar are obvious here too. By combating thermal bridging with its built in thermal collar, Polar is inherently more resistant to condensation forming on its frame, reducing risk of staining on the surrounding surfaces.

The innovative design combines with the latest in material technology and precision manufacturing, giving U values as low as 0.9 W/m2.k on triple glazed roof windows.

Kris Willis, Keylite’s National Sales Director, commented, “The majority of developers across Northern Ireland have long since converted to the benefits of vertical PVC windows and doors. However, until now, they have not been offered a PVC based roof window with these outstanding features. With its focus on innovation and performance, our Polar range is bringing new options to builders and installers who want to respond to demand for brighter, whiter interiors with long term performance in a way which is hassle free for them.”

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