K Rend enhances its industry-leading product suite with the launch of GP Mix

Kilwaughter Minerals has further enhanced its suite of industry-leading products with the launch of its latest premium general-purpose render, GP Mix, through its K Rend brand.

Boasting a cutting-edge new formula with reduced drying times and improved workability, GP Mix is suitable for use as a float coat, scratch coat and masonry mortar.

The product replaces its existing GP Mortar product, which has been a successful part of the portfolio for several years.

The product delivers a number of major benefits for the housebuilder market, giving the same final appearance as traditional sand and cement render mix.

A solution for both internal and external use, it is suitable for hand or machine application.

The arrival of GP Mix to the market comes less than two years after Kilwaughter Minerals’ K Rend brand launched K Mono, a one-coat, one-pass through-coloured render product that has revolutionised the UK and Ireland housebuilder market.     

Caroline Rowley, Head of Business Development at Kilwaughter Minerals, said, “Our talented research and development team has worked to ensure that GP Mix is a consistent and reliable product that hits all of our customers’ key touch points, leading to a product that delivers flexibility, ease of use and effectiveness.

“It has better performance through diesel and electric machines as well as improved workability. We have organised a series of demo days with many of our merchant partners that allow applicators to get a first look at how great this new product is.”

“Economic, social and environmental sustainability is at the heart of all of our operations and was very much at the forefront during the concept, design and manufacture stages of our latest product.”   

GP Mix is part of the K Rend Eco range that utilises cement replacement technology and delivers a fine texture finish.

Further benefits include excellent weather resistance and durability, consistent quality compared to site mix, a fine texture finish and the fact it can be used in conjunction with most paints, including K Paint.

Applicators have had the opportunity to try the product for themselves and see first hand the ease of use at a number of launch demo events held at builders merchants across the UK and Ireland.

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