Jonathan plans for a successful future

Northern Builder sits down with Haldane Fisher’s new Sales Director, Jonathan McFarlane...

Haldane Fisher is a company that successfully looks forward and plans ahead and in new Sales Director, Jonathan McFarlane, they have someone who shares that philosophy. Jonathan joined the company in January and hasn’t taken long to assess the many strengths the company has.

“Our industry is constantly evolving and Haldane Fisher has proven over the years that it is able to react successfully to customer needs,” he said. “I enjoy planning ahead and setting a strategic direction with a targeted approach, that will form part of the overall Group’s future. I am delighted to be part of this at Haldane Fisher.

“What has impressed me most is the knowledge and passion of our sales team. We have some great people who know and understand our product range and have well-established relationships with our trade customers. “My focus will be taking those key attributes and using them to establish our strategic objectives going forward and set our immediate and long-term priorities.”

Words like team, objectives and focus permeate the conversation with Jonathan and he is looking forward to applying his past industry experience at Haldane Fisher.

Moving from AkzoNobel, where he was Regional Business Manager, Jonathan has also held positions at IKEA, where he helped launch the iconic brand into the Irish marketplace, and B&Q, where he was responsible for driving forward the company’s Trade Point offering at a time when the company dominated the local market.

“I started out as a sales rep for Aerocrete aged 19 and I like to think I’ve used every job since then as an opportunity to learn something new,” said Jonathan. “I believe that a one-team approach and effective communication are both vital in ensuring that we are all pulling in the same direction and heading towards a common goal. However, I also want to help our team develop their individual potential.”

Jonathan is clear that by focusing on a colleague’s ultimate potential creates its own success.

“If you focus on a common goal with clear priorities that are centred on meeting and exceeding customer needs then the business results will naturally follow,” he explained. “ We have so many different roles within the sales team and we are dealing with a diverse product range and a variety of different customers, so it is important that we have clear goals to ensure we continue to successfully move forward.”

David Haldane, Managing Director of Haldane Fisher in Northern Ireland, said that Jonathan’s appointment was part of the company’s forward-thinking outlook.

“We have a long-term strategy for growth through continuous improvement and this has been successful in recent years,” he explained. “The hugely successful launches of Plumbmaster and Bathline as well as the acquisition of Robert Dickie and Sons Ltd and Key Hardware are part of that strategy but central to all this has been appointments in key positions to help drive this growth forward.

“We welcome Jonathan to our team and look forward to working with him as we move forward successfully.”

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