JNG Agencies secure Ulster University contract

JNG Agencies has secured the contract to supply flooring for the University of Ulster's new Belfast campus...

JNG Agencies has graduated to the next level, securing a contract to supply flooring for the University of Ulster’s new Belfast campus. Having played a part in the successful refurbishment of the library at the University of Ulster, Magee, attention now turns to the city centre development.

After a lengthy tender process that focussed on cost-effectiveness and end user requirements, JNG Agencies won the right to supply the required 30,000+ square metres of flooring. Also included Altro Whiterock hygienic floors and walls systems. Taking into account the practical requirements placed by the student body, the decision was made to choose carpet tiles by specialist Belgian manufacturer Modulyss. Durable, functional and stylish, the Modulyss range has been used on prestigious projects like the headquarters of NATO, the European Union and sports manufacturer Adidas.

To date 50% of the required tiles have been manufactured, with the order to be completed by July 20. From July to September, JNG will be expected to make fortnightly deliveries to the site. “This is a very important contract for a family business,” said Cheryl Gorman, Partner at JNG Agencies. “It is also a demanding contract that requires co-ordination with the manufacturer in Belgium and the contractor in Belfast, CB Contracts (NI) Ltd. We’re looking forward to the challenge.”

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