ISOVER launches New ISOVER InLiner Board

Introducing a high performance laminated mineral wool plasterboard that has been designed for the Irish market

ISOVER Ireland has launched ISOVER InLiner Board – an innovative new laminated mineral wool plasterboard. This product, which has been developed in Ireland specifically for the Irish market, represents a great improvement in the options available to the Irish construction industry in terms of suitable materials for the pitched roof applications.

Since its launch in August, ISOVER InLiner Board has already been successfully installed on a number of projects in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The mineral wool component of the board is super dense, rigid and both thermally and acoustically high performance, meaning that it is perfect for pitched roof application on rafters, where rigidity and strength is needed the most.

ISOVER InLiner Board is 62.5mm thick and comes in a standard 2.4m x 1.2m size and has been Independently tested for acoustic and thermal performance, as well as a robust and solid plaster finish, so the product can be relied upon for residential pitched roof applications where a perfect plaster finish is needed. ISOVER InLiner Board.

ISOVER InLiner Board has been tested in conjunction with the Vario® complete solution of membranes, tapes and sealant, and when installed according to the provided installation details, is covered as part of SpecSure for Saint Gobain systems.

ISOVER Marketing Manager, Valerie Dent, said, “We at ISOVER Ireland are delighted to celebrate the launch of ISOVER InLiner Board to the Irish market. This product has been developed by taking into account the needs of Irish building designers and contractors, who provided us with feedback that they needed a robust, acoustic and thermally high performance finishing laminated board to meet the challenges of the modern construction market.”