Introduction to Hadley Steel Framing

A lighter, easier-to-erect alternative to steel and concrete primary frames that meets the needs of progressive architecture

Hadley Steel Framing is part of Hadley Group, having been fully acquired by the world leader in advanced cold rolled steel technology in 2018.

Offering a complete off-site, steel bolted building solution, Hadley Steel Framing combines industry-leading technical, structural and design expertise with unrivalled installation standards and quality. As part of the global group, the company can provide a single solution from concept to completion for building projects in all sectors for both on and off-site construction.

Hadley Steel Framing provides high quality, light gauge galvanised steel structural framing systems to accommodate the most progressive architecture. The systems have been developed with a unique understanding of cold rollform manufacturing and offer a lighter, easier-to-erect alternative to steel and concrete primary frames. Hadley Steel Framing systems have been installed across projects in the healthcare sector, residential buildings, commercial projects and for residential housing. Experienced in delivering large- scale projects, Hadley Steel Framing is known for its high quality, bespoke solutions that will solve complex industry challenges.

This was recently the case at The Depot. The nine-storey student accommodation development, which will house more than 500 students, utilised the company’s complete pre-panelised off-site bolted frame in conjunction with a composite concrete decking floor system. Thanks to the multiple benefits of the light gauge steel components, it was possible to install them by crane; making subsequent works easier for the team to progress. As a result, the £40m project met its briefs and was, crucially, delivered on time.

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