Introduction to Hadley Group’s custom cold rollforming solutions

Versatile and productive method for forming steel..

It’s no exaggeration to say that custom cold rollforming is one of the most versatile and productive manufacturing methods ever devised for forming metal. It’s a technique that Hadley Group has always specialised in. The company’s innovative process takes the form of a continuous bending operation in which a long strip of coiled metal passes through a series of contoured rolls, progressively forming the metal to achieve the desired cross-section profile.

Profiles that emerge from this process have a number of comparative advantages over standard extrusions, including significant savings in weight and increased strength. What’s more, the rollforming process is far quicker and can produce extrusion profiles with far less energy than what’s required with other approaches. All in all, the method of manufacturing is helping Hadley Group to provide effective solutions to complex industrial challenges around the world.

Hadley Group’s process is perfect for producing constant-profile parts of long lengths and in large quantities. Unlike alternative approaches, the custom cold rollforming process maintains a high degree of consistency and accuracy and is suitable for a wide range of metals. At Hadley Group, these inherent advantages are paired with industry- leading technological expertise.To this end, Hadley Group’s team of technical experts are on hand to help customers navigate the development process.

The team can help develop the most appropriate, efficient production solutions for any application, reducing design and manufacturing time, whilst simultaneously ensuring outstanding quality and accuracy. Not only is the system suitable for ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel and malleable metals but it has the ability to form materials with polished surfaces and pre-coated materials.