Introducing CIOB’s Belfast NOVUS group

NOVUS is at the heart of the CIOB, with a mission to prepare young people to be the next construction leaders, developing young professionals and providing peer support from their student days through to corporate membership of the CIOB and beyond.

The groups work across the world with the focus on Northern Ireland and Donegal being looked after by the newly formed Belfast NOVUS Group.

The committee consists of six young dedicated professionals who are committed to delivering the prime directive for the CIOB through engagement with schools and colleges throughout the country and in conjunction with other groups around the world through our network of Hubs.

We have been working hard to establish a series of events and are delighted with the response we have had from the schools and colleges we’ve engaged with.

Recently, we ran an event at Methodist College Belfast where pupils got an insight into the wide and varied careers 21st century construction has to offer. These events will continue on a regular basis in the future offering more exposure of our industry to the younger generation. The current numbers of young people engaged in construction related courses in our colleges is worrying and we need to reverse this trend sooner rather than later.

Working closely with the main HUB, we are delighted to have a vast range of skills and experience available to call upon to support us and with our dedicated team we are excited about the future of our industry and our opportunity to shape how that future looks, both for ourselves and the future generations.

As well as our HUB committee, we welcome help and support from local industry leaders and, in particular, Chartered Building companies. We thank them for their continuing support for the events we have ran to date and continue to plan.

The Belfast NOVUS group consists of:
– Emma Brennan – Chair
– Kerry Breen – Vice Chair
– John Monahan – Education Champion
– Riona Magennis – PR & Social Media Champion
– Kathryn McClune – Employer Engagement Champion
– Kelly Coughlin – Events Champion

A schedule for upcoming CIOB Novus events can be found at HERE. Should you have any ideas for events you would like to see or feel you can contribute to the Belfast NOVUS group’s plans,  feel free to contact the committee or e-mail Chair, Emma Brennan, on