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Five reasons why Keylite is the clear choice when it comes to selecting a high performing roof window...

Roof windows offer a simple, attractive method of increasing levels of natural light and ventilation into a building. They can also add real value to a property without having to overcome time and cost-consuming building restrictions. A window’s performance, however, is dependent on the quality of its design and fit.
With nearly 20 years’ experience in the sector, Keylite is an award-winning manufacturer of quality roof windows specifically developed for rapid, high-specification installation, energy efficiency and a sleek, smart aesthetic.
Colin Wells, the company’s Head of Technical says, “Keylite upholds its reputation as a leading roof window manufacturer through its drive for innovation. That’s proven crucial to us creating a wide-ranging product portfolio of industry-wide renown.”
Five reasons why Keylite is the clear choice when it comes to selecting a roof window:

The built-in patented Expanding Thermal Collar helps prevent thermal bridging, which can be responsible for up to 30% of a dwelling’s heat loss.
Built into the frame, the collar is made from expanding foam, which is a devastatingly simple process, is activated by removing a ripcord covering. With the window frame in position, the foam expands to fill the gap to perfectly insulate around the window for an airtight, waterproof finish. The Expanding Thermal Collar comes as standard on all Keylite Roof Windows, and at no extra cost to the customer.

Another Keylite patented innovation, pre-installed Flick-fit brackets allow box-to-roof fitting in minutes. Flick-fit brackets are pre-fitted to the window frame, a key factor to the product’s rapid-install properties.

Keylite has fitted a patented spring-loaded hinge to its sash, which means it remains in position and slots easily into the frame’s housing in one smooth and easy motion.

Each Keylite Roof Window is recessed as standard. Windows sited almost flush to the roof improves the installation’s thermal efficiency thanks to the surrounding insulated elements.

Keylite Roof Windows and Flashings come with a 10-year guarantee – which is increased up to 20-years with its Polar White PVC Centre Pivot range. And from specification to installation and post-project, expert guidance is just a phone call away.
The Keylite team has continued working hard and safely throughout the coronavirus pandemic in order to maintain its top-notch service delivery.

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