Improved energy efficiency with Keystone lintels

Reduce thermal bridging with keystone’s award-winning Hi-therm+ Lintel

Keystone’s award-winning lintels offer an innovative solution to improving SAP calculations, meeting Part F Building Regulations and reducing thermal bridging by up to 80%. The award-winning Hi-therm+ Lintel from Keystone provides a low-cost solution for reduced carbon emissions. It is up to five times more thermally efficient than a standard steel lintel.

Openings for windows and doors are vulnerable to heat loss through thermal bridging so the performance of structural elements such as lintels that are installed in these junctions is important.

Lintels are, in most cases, the most significant thermal bridges due to the fact that traditional-style steel lintels interrupt the line of insulation with a continuous piece of highly conductive steel. This could account for more than 40% of the total heat loss through thermal bridging.

Specifiers now have an excellent solution, thanks to Keystone’s patented Hi-therm+ Lintel with its dramatically enhanced Psi value. The innovative design utilises a rigid polymer thermal insulator as an effective thermal break, but incorporates a steel inner and external leaf, so it is installed in the same way as a standard lintel.

This can lead to an 80% reduction in thermal bridging through the lintel, compared to using traditional steel products. By reducing thermal bridging with Hi-therm+, designers can make savings elsewhere by negating the need to use bolt on renewables or build to wider cavities, while still achieving their SAP requirements. Keystone Lintels’ Hi-therm+ Lintel is BBA-certified and has won a 2019 Irish Construction Excellence award for construction product innovation.

This latest win comes off the back of a hugely successful year for the Hi- therm+ Lintel, having also been named Construction Product of the Year at the Irish Construction Industry Awards and Best Building Fabric Product at the Housebuilder Product Awards 2018. There is a strong argument that focusing on the fabric of a building is the most cost-effective, reliable and robust method of achieving compliance with future building regulations, as getting the fabric right will save energy throughout the whole lifespan of the building.

Kris Willis, Keystone’s Regional Sales Director said, “At the Keystone Group, we are continuously investing in research and design to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation within the construction industry. The Hi-therm+ Lintel has enjoyed great success in the Irish construction market. It offers builders a solution which is faster and easier to install compared to a two-part lintel while also providing a low cost route to improve both CO2 reduction and fabric energy efficiency.”

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