How do outdoor buildings add value to the housing market?

Lidget Compton explain how outdoor buildings can be a cost-effective and time saving way to add value to your home...

An outdoor building can be a cost-effective and time-efficient way to add space and value to your home.

Many homeowners look for ways to add value to their homes while avoiding the mess of an in-house extension or refurbishment that can cause intrusion to family life. An alternative yet cost-effective and time-efficient way to add space and value to your home is the addition of an outdoor building, such as a garage or garden room.

The option to create a garden room can offer a social space away from the home while taking advantage of the space in the garden that can often be disused. While also boosting the value of a home, the additional indoor space will also make a home more desirable to potential buyers in the long run. Here are several ways in which outdoor buildings can add value to a home and the housing market.

The ROI outweighs the cost
The ROI vastly outweigh the investment and monetary costs to buy and construct an outdoor building. Studies having shown that adding a summerhouse or garden building to a property can add up to 5% of value back into a home, so, with the average house price in the UK currently standing at £225,000, a garage could be worth an extra £11,000 to buyers looking at the home.

Outdoor buildings can be adapted to any homeowner’s lifestyle
Outdoor buildings are incredibly versatile, with many homeowners utilising this space as an office, gym, or social space. More traditionally, some homeowners simply choose to keep their car there, or use it for general storage. With endless options for outdoor buildings, concrete garages from Lidget Compton can be adapted for family life, whatever your needs may be at the time.

Not only can outdoor buildings be adapted, but they can also keep your possessions well protected and save money on the possibility of having to rent storage units. Garages, sheds, or garden rooms offer many versatile options for use, such as housing things securely that would otherwise be left in the garden. A garages universal use of car storage will reduce the chances of vehicle break ins, vandalism or damage that may occur from on-street parking. The traditional use of a garage for storing cars will also reduce the amount of wear and tear caused by harsh weather over time.

Property value will increase without the inconvenience
The process of applying for planning permission can be time-consuming and sometimes stressful, with 27% of homeowners feeling that planning permission was a major obstacle in getting home renovations completed. However, it is an essential process to go through if you are looking to add an extension to the home or undertake a conversion in a home, such as a loft conversion.

The bonus of an exterior building is that this process usually isn’t needed, and many homeowners are free to build a garage or outbuilding on their own property without planning permission, as long as it’s no taller than four metres and does not take up more than half of the land of the original property. However, there are always exceptions where planning permission is necessary, so always contact the Local Planning Authority for further details of planning exemptions for outbuildings if you are considering investing in an outdoor space.

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