Home comforts with Ecophon

When Ralph Annesley set out to improve the quality of sound within his own home, he chose to install Ecophon Solo Squares.

Describing the problem and why he chose Ecophon, he said, “The space that I had a reverberation noise issue with was a large, open- plan, busy family area used as a kitchen-diner and a living space. As with many new-build domestic properties, features such as large areas of glazing, floor tiling to facilitate under floor heating, and high ceilings created a pleasant spacious area to be in. “However, as a result of this, there was very limited opportunity to introduce enough soft furnishings to bring down the reverberation sound to a comfortable level. “I wanted to reduce those levels to create a gentler ambience and chose Ecophon Solo squares as a solution. I had experience of this product before in a commercial design situation and had initial reservations. I knew they were effective, however, and contacted Andrew Acheson in Ecophon who was able to suggest possible solutions”.

The Ecophon team then worked with Ralph to create a look that is not only effective acoustically but is also harmonious within a residential environment rather than a more commercial space.

“I chose the 1200 x 1200mm Solo Square panels in white finish,” added Ryan. “These were installed on each face of a symmetrical, partially sloped ceiling, creating quite a dramatic aesthetic result and more importantly they brought down the reverberation sound to a very comfortable level. “This proved to be a cost- effective solution, and I was very pleased with the end result. The squares were also expertly installed by Buchanan Ceilings who had been suggested to me by Andrew.“

Ecophon’s Andrew Acheson, added, “Our products are usually specified for commercial projects, but Ralph and I were able to work up a solution that suited the aesthetics of the space while working well acoustically. “This shows how versatile Ecophon’s products can be across many different types of applications. Hopefully, projects like this one can inspire home builders and owners to realise that we don’t have to live with poor acoustics in the home.”

Siobhan McGuinness, Area Sales Manager
RoI 00353 87 918 9149  – siobhan.mcguinness@ecophon.ie