High-quality insulation for sustainable HVAC systems

SIG Ireland offers a range of insulation products that are specifically designed for HVAC systems. The products stocked by the largest provider of specialist building products on the island of Ireland are made from the highest quality materials and are rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance and safety.

One of SIG’s most popular products is the ROCKWOOL® RockLap® HV Pipe Sections. They are ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation of HVAC pipes, offering exceptional performance even in high-temperature applications up to 700°C. Made from non-combustible and water-repellent stone wool, these pipe sections are easy to install, thanks to their one-piece design and self-adhesive strips.

Another product offered by SIG is the ISOVER ClimPipe® Section Alu2. This product provides excellent thermal insulation for HVAC pipework, and it features a pre-formed design for a perfect fit and quick installation. Made from sustainable glass mineral wool with an aluminium foil facing for added durability, this product is resistant to moisture, corrosion, and fungal growth.

ROCKWOOL® DuctWrap is perfect for insulating HVAC ductwork and offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Made from non-combustible and water-repellent stone wool, DuctWrap provides fire protection with a Class A1 rating.

For thermal insulation of HVAC ducts and equipment, SIG offers the ISOVER ClimCover® Roll Alu2 (Ductwrap). This product is made from lightweight and sustainable glass mineral wool, and it features an aluminium foil facing for added durability and moisture resistance.

SIG believes that high-quality insulation is essential for creating energy-efficient and sustainable HVAC systems. Their products are designed to help you reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, while ensuring that your building remains comfortable and safe.

SIG Technical Insulation is partnered with Europe’s best manufacturers and provides superior integrated thermal, fire and acoustic insulation solutions to customers. They also stock a full range of ancillary materials from aluminium foil tapes, adhesives and labels to weatherproof covering systems. SIG’s sales team and technical building consultants have the know-how and capabilities to support the HVAC, fire protection and industrial processes markets.

Contact SIG Ireland today to learn more about the range of HVAC insulation solutions and to find the right product for your needs – www.sig.ie