‘Help Inside the Hard Hat’ tours Northern Ireland

The Lighthouse Club Charity “Help Inside the Hard Hat” campaign is now underway, with a road tour due to launch in Northern Ireland this October 10-14.
FMB NI is partnering with the Charity, which provides free emotional, physical, and financial help for construction workers and their families across the UK and Ireland. “We are asking companies and sites from across Northern Ireland if they would like a visit from the Hard Hat tour team to deliver the charity’s messages directly to those that might need support,” said Gavin McGuire, FMB NI Director.

Promoting and raising awareness of the charity is a role for recently appointed regional ambassador for the Lighthouse Club, Colleen Milligan, who stated, “The charity has been able to provide significant help for construction workers and their families during times of great difficulty. This can range from emotional challenges such as stress and anxiety, physical difficulties including disabilities and cancer support, and financial support.
“The extraordinary element of the service is that it is all free. The ethos is that nobody should be alone in a crisis, and this includes the partner, wife, husband, child, and extended family members of every construction worker through a huge range of pro-active support and resources for our construction community including a 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline, our free app and mental health training.”

Their ‘Help Inside the Hard Hat’ campaign road tour aims to deliver the message directly to frontline workers along with information about the crucial services that the charity provides. The Hard Hat team is made up by fully trained mental health first aiders with a down to earth approach and first-hand life experiences in construction.
There will also be a great range of prizes and freebies up for grabs. “It’s a warm positive experience for those who will be able to get involved. We hope this campaign will continue to provide the needed help for all who require it,” said Colleen.

For any FMB NI member company who might be interested in a visit, contact Gavin McGuire at gavinmcguire@fmb.org.uk for more information, alternatively visit: www.constructionindustryhelpline.com for details about the campaign and more details about the Lighthouse Club Charity.