Hand-built for robots – Fosroc

Precision grout and high-performance mortar from Fosroc used for base supporting 20 tonne robots…

A Belfast-based aerospace manufacturer that operates an advanced automation process and state of the art robotics to construct aeroplane parts, fuselages and wings called on construction contractor John Sisk & Son with a unique request.

The giant automated robots that build the jets run on long tracks to accommodate dynamic load movements and weigh-in at a massive 20 tonnes each. An experienced team of building material experts was needed to ensure the suitability, quality and longevity of the ground base preparation underneath the robots.

As a leader in their field, the Irish family-owned John Sisk & Son firm was brought in to prepare the channels for the robot tracks, which required highly specialised materials to meet the required quality criteria. The material properties also needed to support a rapid application process to keep machine downtime to a minimum.

Fosroc’s Conbextra BB92 was applied to the channel first, at a depth of 50mm. The BB92 product’s high flow and early strength characteristics make it the ideal choice for ease of application and to withstand dynamic load pressures and wear and tear. It is also designed to resist any shrinkage to maintain original form and integrity. Next, Fosroc’s high performance concrete repair mortar Paveroc was applied to the top 60mm. This also has early strength capabilities for fast and effective application and can be trowel finished for a smooth end result.

John Devaney, Site Agent at Sisk was pleased with the selection of products used from Fosroc, commenting, “I’m delighted with all the products’ performance characteristics, which matched those outlined on the data sheets. Fosroc offered excellent technical help and advice all the way through the process.”

For more information on Fosroc’s Rapid Return to Service product range visit: https://fosroc.com/english/fosroc-webinars.