Hagan donates £1m to the Integrated Education Fund

IEF / Hagan Homes - Carrick Central Primary School - 30th September 2022 Photograph by Declan Roughan

Homebuilding firm Hagan Homes will donate £1m to the Integrated Education Fund (IEF), which supports the growth and development of Integrated Education in NI. James Hagan, Chair and Founder of Hagan Homes, will commit the funds over a three-year period in what will be the IEF’s largest-ever corporate donation since the charity’s inception in 1992. Hagan Homes has been supporting the charity for 30 years. The funds will go towards the IEF’s mission to see 30 more schools become Integrated through the Transformation process, as well as to programmes that promote integration through sport, support to children with additional educational needs, and new preschool provision. 

“The IEF is the backbone to making sure opportunities are there in educational settings that bring our children together. It is the voice and the supporter of the cause and any funding that goes to this drive can only help shape a better society here in Northern Ireland,” commented James Hagan.