Gyproc launches revolutionary new plasterboard


Gyproc Habito plasterboard is designed to give home-owners greater flexibility with their homes – both now and in the future.

Gyproc Habito is installed just like standard plasterboard, but allows home-owners to fix heavy items, such as curtain poles and a 40” TV, without specialist fixings, by simply screwing directly into the wall allowing a weight of 15kg to be hung from one 5mm woodscrew.

Habito’s reinforced core is 10 times stronger than standard plasterboard which means it is extremely durable and tough and can easily withstand the repeated bumps and knocks that happen day to day.

Wayne Murphy, Gyproc Marketing Manager, explained, “Buildings and rooms need to adapt to the changing requirements of their occupants, so flexibility is critical. Until now, plasterboard walls have sometimes appeared one dimensional, but with Habito we’ve created a new standard of performance which is truly adaptable.”

He added, “The super strength of Gyproc Habito means items can simply be screwed straight into the wall wherever the home-owner chooses, and the plasterboard is incredibly durable, while still being just as easy to install as our other plasterboards.

“Habito also has the benefit of enhanced sound insulation when compared to standard plasterboard. All of these attributes allow contractors to offer their clients walls that give them so much more and provides them a surface that’s strong and stays looking good for longer.”

Habito is the latest innovation from Gyproc – the market leader in plaster, plasterboard and drylining systems.

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