Gilbert-Ash gives a hand

David Meade workshop helps transform lives of people in Uganda, Cambodia and Vietnam...

Last year, Gilbert-Ash moved into its new Boucher Place headquarters in Belfast. To welcome staff back with something truly special, the firm invited David Meade and his ‘Give a Hand’ workshops to the offices. The workshop culminated in the GA team constructing real clinical prosthetic hands, which will now be donated, in Gilbert-Ash’s name, to people in need. The hands will transform the lives of people living in countries such as Uganda, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

On David’s most recent trip, he helped fit 127 hands to amputees, many of whom haven’t
been able to independently eat, write or work/earn a living for decades. A GA spokesperson said, “As a company, our overarching purpose is to make a difference to our people, our projects and our planet through innovation, collaboration and determination. We are proud that these hands will be making a difference to the lives of those who receive them.”