Getting better all the time

Customers can expect an impressive product offering and excellent customer service at Carryduff Building Supplies

‘Small enough to care, big enough to cope’ is the motto at Carryduff Building Supplies and it’s one that describes the company perfectly.

Carryduff started out as ‘Farm Feeds and Supplies’ in 1985. As well as animal feed, farmers began looking for building materials such as block, sand and cement and that’s how the company entered the construction sector.

“We purchased a concrete plant in 1996 and, in 1999, we changed our name to Carryduff Building Supplies. Since then, we’ve grown from strength to strength and we’re known in the industry for our reliability and excellent customer service,” said Richard Gilliland, Director at the company.

Carryduff Building Supplies provides a range of concrete products to the sector, including liquid screed, reinforcing mesh, ready mixed concrete, floor screed and mortar. All products are sourced from the most reputable, market-leading manufacturers.

A knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals are on hand to discuss the customer’s particular requirements when it comes to concrete and cement and indeed in relation to any material they’re after.

Alongside cement and concrete, Carryduff Building Supplies also provides timber, plasterboard, insulation, roof tiles and drainage products, to mention just a few. As the industry changes and diversifies, so too does the range of products available at Carryduff.

“We’ve certainly adapted to the changing needs of the sector over the years. Our customers come first; our aim is to have the products they need in stock at all times.”

In order to keep up with customer demand, the company installed a new pre-cast production facility in 2012 and, in 2015, a new concrete plant was also installed.

The effects of the recession weren’t particularly felt at Carryduff Building Supplies.

“Our turnover only fell one year during the recession and we’ve continued to grow ever since. I think there are a couple of reasons for that. Myself and my brother Andrew came into the business around that time and that maybe helped push the business a bit, it gave it a different kind of momentum.

“Also, one thing that has always stood us in good stead is our continued loyalty to the small builders. Some of the other suppliers who were pushing the bigger sites and bigger builders found that their work fell dramatically during the downturn. The smaller builders were able to keep going and therefore, so were we.”

2018 is proving to be another successful year for Carryduff Building Supplies. With 17 lorries on the road, customers are never left waiting for their deliveries.

“We cover a good part of Northern Ireland and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure a happy customer. Construction is definitely buoyant at the moment and we expect 2019 to be another good year.”