Generating major energy savings and low CO2 emissions

Panasonic’s EcoFlex system is delivering energy- efficient space heating, cooling, clean air and heat recovery for hot water in a renovated Wicklow bungalow…

A newly renovated three-bed bungalow in Wicklow has recently been installed with an innovative Panasonic EcoFlex system to heat and cool the property. The new Aquarea EcoFleX system provides a unique two-in-one solution by connecting an air-ducted unit with Panasonic nanoe™X technology, and an air-to-water Aquarea heat pump. This hybrid system delivers energy- efficient space heating, cooling, clean air, and heat recovery for hot water. The heat pump system uses unique technology to drive its systems, offering heat recovery for DHW as well as air conditioning operation, bi-heating and non-stop heating, while operating at outstanding efficiency with major energy savings, and producing very low CO2 emissions. The Panasonic Aquarea EcoFleX System delivers cool or warm air through the ducted unit, hot water to radiators, and DHW, all depending on the installation. Homeowner and refrigeration installer Alan Rasmussen of Cross Refrigeration installed the units as part of a complete renovation project which he undertook to his own three-bedroom bungalow.

As a long-term customer and installer of Panasonic ColdChain and Refrigeration products, Alan worked closely with the Panasonic team, which designed the system and provided support and guidance throughout the installation process, ensuring Alan was able to complete the installation to a high standard. Alan said, “As a qualified refrigeration-engineer, I found the instructions to install the units straightforward and easy to follow. Having worked and installed refrigeration units for a number of years, I see Panasonic as one of the most reliable brands currently on the market.

“It was important to me that I invested in the best products to futureproof my own home. With the Panasonic EcoFlex system we get the best of both worlds. “We have a constant supply of hot water from the heat recovery system that helps to harvest as much energy as possible, yet the system can switch to cooling very quickly, which is especially needed during the recent warm weather we have experienced. Plus, it has the added benefit of nanoeTM X technology to inhibit bacteria, viruses, moulds and odours.”

The Panasonic EcoFlex system was installed in April 2023 and connected to modern steel radiators in each room. The ductwork was placed in four of the main zones of the house to allow for cooling. The ducted split unit with heat recovery unit is installed in the attic, with the whole system connected to the Panasonic Smart Cloud app to allow for remote monitoring and ease of control for the system. Alan said, “We have been more than impressed with how the units keep their level of warmth throughout the whole house and the constant supply of hot water – the cost to run the system is very reasonable.

“I have found that the radiators provide a good level of control and heat distribution. I believe that the Panasonic EcoFlex unit was the best and a very wise choice for my needs”.

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