Fosroc’s new sealant offers top-tier fire protection

Flamex MS320 is a twin-seal solution ensuring fast and easy application while eliminating the need for a secondary product…

Fosroc UK & ROI is introducing an exciting new one-part fire- rated sealant for trafficable fire protection. This highly effective product has been developed to seal and protect contraction and expansion joints within stadia terracing, floors, curtain walling and building façades. Traditionally, one product is applied for its trafficable properties, followed by another to provide fire protection. But now the functionality of these two products has been combined as a simple one-part solution in Flamex MS320. This new product has outperformed equivalent competing products in lab testing to BS EN 1366-4, based on superior insulation and integrity for fire resistance and elasticity for robustness.


• High Shore A hardness
• Robust with high elasticity under tensile strain
• Excellent adhesion
• Up to a five-hour fire rating in specified joint configurations*
• Easy to apply – can be applied to concrete or mild steel substrates
• Cures quickly

As one of Fosroc’s 2023 sustainability pledges, the entire sealant range, including Flamex MS320, is now supplied in foil sachets to reduce the volume of waste caused by plastic cartridges. Additionally, Flamex MS320 is a one-part product, further reducing packaging volume.
When cured Flamex MS320 is burning, the fire retardant causes a layer of intumescent char to form on the surface of the sealant. The char layer swells due to heat exposure and prevents further burning of the sealant, allowing the Flamex MS320 to withstand fire exposure for up to five hours.
If you’d like to learn more about the Flamex MS320 or have an enquiry, please contact:
T: +353 (01) 913 1048