Finsa Ireland launches new studio melamine range

These new melamines offer exciting new possibilities for interior design, architecture and furniture projects.

The range includes Tango, a new wood finish that comes in two solid colours (Gris Gu and Gris Tortora) and two ash decors, Fresno Patagonia and Fresno Rosario. Also included in the range is Rock & Roll Studio.

Tango is the result of the merger between design and technology. Texture and wood grain are united in perfect harmony in this new wood finish that is noted for elegant crowns and genuine wood details. Two solid colours are provided, Gris Gu and Gris Tortora, along with two ash decors, Fresno Patagonia and Fresno Rosario.

Rock & Roll Studio combines the distinctive features of various materials, such as wood, stone and textiles into a single surface. This makes it an extremely versatile finish, which seamlessly blends into widely different designs. The range includes Copper Patina, Orange Rock, Pino Valkiria, Urban Loft  and Wild Wood.

Inspired by the grain of oak wood, Blues is one of the deepest finishes in the Studio Collection. An elegant finishing work, extremely natural and silky to the touch the three stock decors, Roble Chicago, Roble Memphis and Geo Wood are clearly enhanced when combined with the Blues finish.

Antibacterial certification also accompanies this range, making it particularly suitable for Laboratories,

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