Family Concrete Business Kilsaran celebrates 60 years in operation

Family concrete business, Kilsaran is celebrating 60 years in operation with the launch of two electric concrete trucks.

With zero emissions and reduced noise pollution, the two new Volvo FM trucks are the first of their kind in Ireland.

The electric vehicles will be based in Ringsend, Dublin and mark a significant step in the company’s dedication to environmentally responsible practices.

Ken Mulkerrins, Group Head of Innovation and Sustainability, said, “Kilsaran always strives to reduce the environmental impact of construction and we are proud to introduce two new electric trucks into our fleet, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability. We are proud to lead the way by introducing the first electric concrete trucks in Ireland, and this represents a new era for the distribution of construction products in urbanised areas.”

Kilsaran aspires to serve as a model for other companies in the construction industry to adopt cleaner and greener transportation solutions.

The company’s fuel consumption is down 22% since 2017 and Kilsaran is aiming to further reduce its overall scope one and two emissions by 37% by 2030.

Ken said, “In collaboration with Volvo, we ran a number of scenarios and gathered input from our customers to see how we could make this work. Walls Construction, one of our valued clients, has kindly offered to come on board with us to pilot these trucks on some of their live projects in Dublin City Centre.”

The trucks are fitted with the GSR2 safety pack and lower passenger door windows, both of which satisfy the new EU General Safety Regulations.

These features make the vehicles particularly suitable for city deliveries where there is more pedestrian and cyclist traffic.

The company’s commitment to ESG, research and continual innovation is evident from the recent publication of its ESG Responsible Business Strategy.

The strategy, built around four pillars of Planet, People, Solutions and Performance, is aligned to the UN Sustainability Goals, the Paris Agreement and Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.

Kilsaran mines raw materials from itsown quarries and manufactures end products at its various manufacturing plants across Ireland.

Continually building upon a solid foundation of quality, service and innovation, the business now operates out of 24 locations in Ireland.

For more information:

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