Here, Rachael Meadowcroft, Senior Product Manager – Woodcare at Ronseal Trade looks at the benefits of opting for water-based woodcare products.

For trade professionals, completing jobs to a high standard and in good time are key considerations. In order to achieve this, good quality workmanship and the best possible products work hand in hand – especially when it comes to woodcare.

For some, solvent-based woodstains and preservers are still their go-to products. This is – in part – because solvent-based woodcare products have historically been more durable than water-based. However, technological advancements mean that, as long as the wood is prepared correctly, water-based products such as Ronseal Trade’s offer a quality finish that lasts – as well as a number of additional benefits.


The resins in the formulation of Ronseal Trade mean the range offers tough protection against knocks and scuffs. Products can also withstand increases in temperature better than solvent-based, as they can flex with the wood as it expands. They also retain their colour well, as the alkyd levels within the formulation are low. These factors prevent the woodcare from cracking and peeling and reduce the need for regular re-application.

Water-based products also dry much faster, which means a job can be completed in less time. Productivity is therefore improved – as more jobs can be completed each week – with disruption to end clients also minimised. For example, when applying Ronseal Trade’s Decking Protector, appliers need only wait a maximum of two hours between the two coats required, meaning the job can easily be finished in one day.

Water-based products also produce lower VOC levels, meaning they are more environmentally friendly and lower risk for appliers and the end client.

It is important for professionals to check that the woodcare products they are using have been independently tested. This ensures that any product claims made by the manufacturer are accurate – and that products can therefore deliver on the benefits and produce the high-quality results promised. For example, Ronseal Trade’s Fencing Stain and Decking Protector are both BBA approved, providing assurance that the product claims are accurate.

By opting for water-based woodcare products, professionals can complete tasks much faster – which maximises their efficiency and minimises hassle for their clients – and ensure high-quality results.

To find out more about Ronseal Trade and its full range of products please visit: www.ronsealtrade.com.