Explore your senses

Sync Living supplies specialist products to support people with impaired mobility. The company’s range includes mobility equipment and living aids, but also a product line that has become essential as more children struggle with sensory disorders and social or emotional challenges: multisensory rooms and equipment for nurseries, schools and homes.

“Sensory rooms have that name because they engage the senses of the user, such as sight, smell, touch and sounc.” explained Bobby Garrett, product specialist at Sync Living. “They support the development of communication and social and emotional skills and improve hand-eye coordination and levels of concentration and awareness, but also reduce tension and help children calm down and relax.”

There are different sensory rooms for different needs. A calming sensory room, for example, uses LED bubble tubes and specialist lighting for kids and adults who find external stimulation overwhelming. For a bit more action, the interactive sensory rooms use projected images and moving visuals. The kids are allowed to influence their surroundings and receive compelling feedback and rewards in the form of sensory development. There are even sensory swimming pools and immersive sensory rooms that use state-of-the-art technology to create a totally different environment, like being in outer space! 

Formed in 1996, Sync Living supplies mobility equipment including mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and walking aids. Their product line of living aids comprises riser recliner armchairs, electric beds, grab rails and stairlifts. Sync Living also offers specialist bathroom equipment with automatic toilets, wet room showers, walk-in baths and hoists. 

Sync Living has also supplied and installed multisensory rooms at special schools across NI, such as Tor Bank School, Harberton School, Hill Croft School, Ardnashee School & College and Jordanstown Special School in Newtownabbey. 

For the Jordanstown project, the company provided a range of products from manufacturer Experia, including a LED bubble tube, an infinity panel, a musical touch wall, LED light strips, a recordable speaker, LED ripple light and an IRiS Qube, which can be paired with other equipment to respond to the colour shown on its top face. The room also includes a height-adjustable interactive floor/table projector, which creates colourful, engaging floor projections which respond to and interact with body movement. This creates a complete sensory zone by allowing even those with limited movement to alter many aspects of their immediate environment. 

“The students love being able to interact with the different aspects of the room,” commented teacher Judith Boal. “They can engage with their surroundings in a meaningful way through the interactive features.”

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