EGGER Protects and tackles on-site issues

EGGER Protect is the only structural flooring product on the market that can be exposed to the elements for up to 60 days. This takes the pressure off builders dealing with poor weather, material shortages and a lack of skilled tradespeople.

The current demand on building sites, due to the drive by UK Government to build 200,000 homes by 2020, has created opportunities but also issues for housebuilders.

Skills shortages are at their highest point since the crisis in 2013. A lack of skilled workers, especially bricklayers and roofers, has become a major barrier to the completion of new builds. Builders are also experiencing a shortage of materials such as roofing tiles and bricks. Add the Great British weather into the mix and the delays become potentially damaging and costly.

Independent testing by EXOVA, one of the world’s most reputable materials testing and product qualification testing businesses, has proved that EGGER’s market leading Protect boards will remain structurally sound after being exposed to the elements for up to 60 days. This is an increase from the standard 42 days, which makes EGGER Protect unique in the market.

With EGGER P5 flooring grade chipboard at its core, EGGER Protect provides the quality assurance that builders require. The tongue and groove profile created using specialist diamond tipped tooling provides tight-fitting and consistent joints. This innovative technology speeds up and facilitates board installation with impressive results.

Alan White, Director of Sales for Building Products, said, “EGGER P5 is manufactured to EN 312 standard. It not only complies with this standard but routinely goes above and beyond, thanks to the advanced technology used to produce the boards. The added value of the Protect surface layer is significant. It is hard-wearing, easy to clean, non-slip, and guaranteed to give up to 60 days protection against the elements. With everything housebuilders are currently up against, this extra time could make all the difference.”

The permanent, weather resistant layer is applied to both sides of the board. This means moisture will not penetrate the board from either side. Its anti-slip surface, even in the wet, contributes to all-round site safety. The textured concrete-effect finish does not require post-installation painting and can be used directly with underfloor heating systems and tiles, providing further savings.

Alan added, “Our investment and belief in this product has paid off. With the results of external tests substantiating our own internal testing, we can truly offer a great product that ticks all the boxes for housing developers, renovators and self-builders. The additional benefit of knowing you have 60 days protection should you face delays is really an added bonus.”

Used by national housebuilders as well as small and medium-sized businesses, EGGER Protect is well known in the industry.

Ian Cryer, Group Purchasing Manager at Bellway Homes, commented, “Using EGGER Protect, with its new 60 day exposure during the build, helps us to defend against unexpected site delays. It is also easy to clean prior to handover so when new owners move into the property, they can be confident that they will be protected against moisture ingress for years to come.”

EGGER Protect not only provides protection during the build process but also throughout the life of the property. The permanent surface layers can prevent water damage caused by leaking washing machines and burst pipes which are all too common and can mean costly repairs.

EGGER Protect, EGGER P5 and EGGER Peel Clean Xtra, are all part of a portfolio of structural P5 grade flooring boards with enhanced moisture resistant properties. These tongue and groove boards are part of the company’s industry leading Advanced Structural Flooring System which is specifically designed to save time, money and manpower.

EGGER offers a lifetime guarantee for every floor fitted using its Advanced System. During installation, EGGER Joint & Joist D4 adhesive must be used. The correct application of this glue creates a fully sealed working deck and protection against moisture ingress and heavy site traffic. No joint sealing tape is required.

CE and FSC certified, EGGER Protect boards are produced from sustainable raw materials on one of the most sophisticated production lines in Europe.

During 2017 EGGER has invested over £10 million within its building products division at its UK headquarters in the North East of England.

The latest investments include a new tongue and groove (T&G) panel processing and packaging line with further processing facilities and a lamination line. At a cost of approximately £5 million, the new T&G line is helping EGGER to strengthen its position and commitment within the UK construction industry. Meanwhile its £6 million investment in a new lamination line will secure and grow production capabilities of its melamine faced boards including EGGER Protect.

Bob Livesey, Commercial Director at EGGER UK, explains, “Through investments in new technology and the production of market-leading products, alongside continual maintenance of equipment, we aim to continue leading the way in a challenging market place and reinforce our commitment to our customers when there is a recognised need to build more homes. We want to provide the UK market, our customers and end users with security and peace of mind that we are here for the long term in all areas we supply.”

To find out more about EGGER Protect contact the EGGER building products hotline on 0845 602 4444, e-mail or visit