Ecophon strengthens its Solo offer

Ecophon has launched the latest extensions to Ecophon SoloTM, its market leading family of free hanging acoustic panels. The new additions to the already extensive product portfolio of versatile acoustic absorbers provide architects and designers with even greater choice and creative freedom.

Launched as the first acoustic cloud to the market almost ten years ago, Ecophon SoloTM is a design-friendly, free-hanging sound absorber that, due to its versatility, can be installed in virtually any space. The Solo range features panels in a variety of standard shapes, including square, rectangular and circles, while Solo Freedom allows designers to express themselves creatively with custom shapes and colours. The latest expansion of the range introduces larger sizes, integrated luminaries and new baffle designs.

The innovative glass wool core used in Ecophon panels provides a lightweight, stable solution that is strong and rigid regardless of the size or shape. This makes it possible for Ecophon to produce uniquely large panels. This is seen in the newly launched 3000x1200mm rectangle – the largest on the market – and the 2400 x 600mm thin rectangle.

Ecophon’s Connect Profile and accessories makes installation simple and means that even the largest size panels are quick to fit on site. The expanded Solo offering now also provides a combined lighting and sound absorption option. The Ecophon LineTM luminaire, one of three normally only available in the Ecophon FocusTM range, has now been integrated in the 2400x1200mm Solo panel. Solo Rectangle Line is delivered with the opal integrated in the panel so installation is as simple as hanging the panel, adding the included luminaire and connecting into the lighting system.

Following the recent growth in the architectural popularity of baffles, Ecophon has taken the company’s offer to the next level with Ecophon SoloTM Baffle Wave and Ecophon SoloTM Baffle ZigZag – innovative shapes designed to complement the traditional straight edge baffle.

Furthermore, due to the growing recognition of the importance of adding sound absorbers to walls, Ecophon has also added SoloTM Baffle on Wall to the product family. This simple change allows an architect to continue the baffle design onto the walls, making an aesthetic statement while creating an even better sound environment.

Ecophon recognises that often, either as part of the design or due to a lack of ceiling height, Solo may need to be installed close to the soffit. To make this simple, Ecophon has developed a new, simple, direct fixing solution which makes it possible to easily install the Solo panels as close as 50 mm from the soffit.

Will Jones, Marketing Manager at Ecophon, said, “The design of interior spaces has a huge effect on people’s experience, so architects need the freedom to design with solutions that not only deliver the required acoustic performance but also complement and even enhance the design of a space.

“The new products and updates to the Solo range strengthen our offer and mean we have the widest range of free-hanging absorbers on the market. Since we launched the original system it has become a favourite among architects and we are proud to still be building on what we started almost a decade ago.”

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