Ecocem – the ‘Next Generation Cement’

Ecocem’s 25kg bagged ‘Next Generation Cement’ is technically advanced, and proven to produce concrete which is stronger and longer lasting than those made using only traditional ordinary portland cement.

But what is ‘Next Generation Cement’? Distributed throughout Ireland, Ecocem’s ‘Next Generation Cement’ is an award-winning cement and the best available technology for minimising the environmental impact of concrete, whilst maximising its technical performance. Using Ecocem cement produces a concrete which has a whiter, smoother finish. It maintains longer open times, greater workability and requires fewer admixtures.

Ecocem’s bagged cement is ideal for applications such as concrete, mortars, screed and renders.

Ecocem’s cement is fully certified for use within the cement standards and commonly used in the farming, commercial and residential sectors. As a result of all these benefits, the numbers of plasterers, bricklayers, paving contractors, ground workers and flooring specialists using Ecocem 25Kg bags continues to rise considerably.

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