Durability matched with quality

Mapei has launched two new products – Dursilite Gloss, a semi- gloss enamel paint, and Mapetherm Flex RP, a flexible, ready-mixed skimming base coat. Introduced as part of its popular range of Dursilite water-based paints for interiors, Dursilite Gloss is an internal enamel wall paint based on special acrylic and polyurethane resins and has a smooth, semi-gloss finish that enhances the brightness of colours.

The new paint allows the user to create a high-end finish, is durable and resistant to yellowing and, thanks to its polyurethane resin content, is highly resistant to staining. It can also cope with the most rigorous cleaning regimes and comes with a Class 1 wet scrub resistance that conforms to EN ISO 11998.

Dursilite Gloss bonds perfectly to all types of wall, plaster, skim coats and old paintwork that are sound and well-bonded; it also has good hiding power and is easy to apply. According to Mapei, an elegant, high quality finish is achieved when using Dursilite Gloss in residential or commercial environments. Due to its hard-wearing protection, excellent cleanability and low dirt pick up, Dursilite Gloss is recommended for use in areas used by the general public that are particularly exposed to high wear and dirt.

Along with all products within the Dursilite product family, Dursilite Gloss can be tinted using Mapei’s ColorMap automatic tinting machine. Other products within the Dursilite Gloss family include Dursilite Plus, Dursilite Matt.

The other addition to Mapei’s extensive product portfolio is Mapetherm Flex RP – a ready-mixed, cement-free, flexible skimming base coat. The new product is extremely elastic and due to added Bioblock technology, is resistant to the biological attack of mould and algae. Developed by Mapei’s worldwide Research & Development laboratories, Mapetherm Flex RP is excellent for repairing deteriorated insulating systems and/or micro-cracked render to form reinforced skim coats on insulating panels and thermal insulation systems.

It also contains versatile characteristics that have been successfully used to carry out repair and maintenance work that is efficient and has an aesthetically pleasing finish. An innovative use of resin ensures that Mapetherm Flex RP is highly elastic. It also adheres perfectly to insulating panels, old and new render, organic and cementitious skimming compounds, and paint and coatings including those which have deteriorated – as long as they are sound, well bonded to the substrate and do not suffer from rising damp.

Mapetherm Flex RP can be tinted using the Mapei ColorMap automatic colouring system and also contains Ultralite technology – a Mapei certification that characterises lightweight adhesives by their low density achieved by adding tiny, lightweight glass beads.

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