Don’t let Rusty ruin your render

Strong-Tie's stainless steel beads are specifically designed for cement based render...

Avoid blotting your perfect render with unsightly rust stains.

It’s generally known for its corrosion resistant properties but galvanised steel can react with the chemical components in render leading to quality issues such as unsightly rust stains, bead degradation and possible cracking in the render.

Building requirements outlined by NHBC and LABC only advocate the use of austenitic stainless steel or PVCu beads in all external-rendering applications, anywhere in the UK. Which is why galvanised steel beads are no longer accepted for external rendering in any situation.

Simpson Strong-Tie Sales Director, Jon Head, explains: “We only recommend the use of stainless steel or PVCu products for external applications. Galvanised steel beads should not be used externally unless secondary protection against corrosion is provided.

“Simply put, galvanised steel in external rendering may rust, which will reduce the lifespan of your work and can be costly to put right. But the good news is it’s easily avoided.

“Stainless steel beads are specifically designed for cement-based renders, and our range of angle beads, bellcast beads, stop beads and movement beads along with the PVCu plastic alternative has been engineered to provide reinforcement and resist impact damage. Our range of stainless steel beads makes bellcasts, corners, stops and abutments easier to form and can be cut to size as required.”

For rendering and plastering made simple, download the Simpson Strong-Tie 2020 catalogue which is packed with handy tips and installation guidance – and make sure you stay away from Rusty!

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