Donseed launches industry-leading construction software

Donseed Workplace® is a powerful Biometric Identity Workplace Management solution which captures a workforce’s data using biometric identification at the point of construction site entry and exit.

It integrates a range of purpose-built biometric hardware with intuitive software to give both small and large construction companies accurate visibility of their whole workforce across multiple sites and projects.

Dave Ingram, Chief Operating Officer at Donseed, said on the launch of Donseed Workplace®: “I am very excited to announce the launch of Donseed Workplace®. The new solution is designed to drastically improve efficiencies and remove the pressures from both site-based and office-based staff who are responsible for the process of collating timesheet information, authorising payroll, maintaining health and safety compliance and looking after operative’s training and qualifications.”


Donseed Workplace® uses industry-leading biometric hardware that is best suited to the temporary and mobile nature of a construction site and ideal for transient workforces. There are a range of hardware options available, from a portable biometric tablet to a cost-effective mobile app and integrated access control.

The data captured on site is easily accessible on any device with internet access through the Donseed Workplace® Customer Portal in the cloud.

It can be quickly exported, and both automated email alerts and bespoke reports can be configured.

Here are just some of the benefits of using Donseed Workplace® on site:

  • Significantly reduce labour costs by only paying for time worked on site;
  • Fully “build-up-to-gross” through adding overtime, expenses, travel and time tolerances for late arrivals;
  • Have real-time visibility of who is on site, when and for how long;
  • Gather important project data about sub-contractors, agency staff and labour supply chain;
  • Electronically check that operative’s CSCS SmartCards are valid and in-date at the point of sign-in;
  • Record and manage operative’s PPE compliance, site inductions and toolbox talks, plus much more.

With free online webinars, you can see how Donseed Workplace® could work for you

Since 2007, Donseed has established itself as a leading supplier of Biometric Identity Workplace Management solutions to the industry. Donseed is currently deployed across over 800 temporary, mobile and permanent workplaces in the construction industry and used by main contractors, specialist sub-contractors and clients.

Donseed is also running a number of free online webinars during May and June to show how Donseed Workplace® works. For dates and free registration click here.