Discover Purform® polyurethane solutions

In construction, sealants, adhesives and floors only amount to a small fraction of the total expenses, but their failure can result in very costly repairs. Robustness, reliability and durability are key properties of a sealant, adhesive or floor system. 

Every construction site is different. The skill of the workforce, joint dimensions and preparation, the substrates and their quality and the climatic conditions all vary widely, even from day to day. Sika Ireland’s all new range of Sika Purform® sealants, adhesives and floor products build on its long-standing expertise in construction and offer state-of-the-art, high-performance polyurethane properties.

What is Polyurethane?

Polyurethane is the first choice for demanding, high-performance bonding, sealing and flooring applications. Only polyurethane can provide the strength, flexibility and/or durability needed by customers in construction and industry. The superiority of polyurethane technology originates from its underlying unique microstructure of flexible and hard phases, which can be adjusted according to requirements.

Sika has always been an innovation driver in polyurethane technology. Recent innovations include bubble-free curing with latent hardeners in one-component systems, Powerflex, and the instant-curing technology in two-component systems. Now it is launching its next big innovation in polyurethane – Purform®.

What is Purform®?

Purform® is the technology brand of Sika’s new polyurethane platform and is a composition of the words “Pure”, “Polyurethane” and “Performance.” Purform® starts at the very roots of polyurethane and provides the control to engineer pure, perfect pre-polymers. These new building blocks are the core of all new Purform® polyurethane adhesives, sealants and flooring featuring an ultra-low free monomeric diisocyanate content. The result is a wide range of premium polyurethane building products that eliminate the need for additional EU REACH safety training.

Purform® polyurethane, through its simplicity, perfection and purity, gives Sika engineers the scope to develop products with the performance you need to meet the challenges of tomorrow, such as durable sealants, adhesives and flooring products that help save energy, lower fuel consumption and are safe to apply.

What is Sikaflex®?

Sikaflex® is synonymous with high quality and performance within sealants and adhesives for construction, industry and the automotive sector. With a 50-year legacy, global presence, and countless applications and references, Sikaflex® is the Sika brand for quality products based on polyurethane and silane terminated polymers. Sikaflex® stands for high performance, reliability and durability; consistently delivering on Sika’s core promise – building trust.

The next generation of Sikaflex® products is based on the innovative Purform® polyurethane technology platform. In addition to their expected performance, Sikaflex® Purform® products also have ultra-low monomer content and will even exempt workers from the upcoming stringent REACH diisocyanate training restrictions. In the coming years, Sika will be surprising you with several products based on Purform® that are ready today, designed for tomorrow.

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