Design flexibility with Keystone Special Steel Lintels

A Keystone Special Lintel is ideal when something bespoke is required, whether to provide a unique building feature, or to carry an unusual loading condition. Offering design flexibility, the specification of bespoke Special Lintels can improve the design and individuality of a building.

Typical applications include arches over front doors and windows which can be achieved in a variety of traditional styles, from the wide Parabolic Arch to a pointed Venetian Arch. Alternatively, Keystone’s team of design engineers can create a bespoke solution to accommodate any design. From gothic and parabolic arches to corner, bay and sun lounge lintels, the opportunities are endless. By contacting Keystone’s engineers at an early stage of your design process, you will potentially gain significantly more design flexibility for the overall project.

A bespoke Sun Lounge Lintel can increase the square footage of a house, while offering reduced build times and optimum performance. The ‘one piece’ unit removes the need for local engineering as it is designed and delivered to site ready for erection, allowing architects and developers to design the sun lounge to suit the property in a cost-effcient manner. The Sun Lounge Lintel, from the Keystone Lintels range, can be supplied in any size to suit exact requirements.

An extension to the Special Lintels and Sun Lounge Lintels range is Keystone’s Brick Feature Lintels range. Keystone combines its outstanding structural expertise with its patented brick slip adhesion system to deliver contemporary brick detailing. Brick Slip Feature Lintels are one-piece prefabricated units, manufactured bespoke to order, achieving even the most challenging architectural designs. Brick slips are applied in a controlled factory environment and this approach is common for arches and more detailed designs.

Brick is sourced from the project’s main brick supply and slips are cut and applied in factory-controlled conditions for optimum aesthetics on-site. Keystone’s patented design uses a BBA certified adhesive which interacts with a perforated steel backing plate, forming a strong mechanical bond with the brick slips. Brick Slip Feature Lintels can accommodate a large range of bond patterns.

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