Daylighting takes off at Heathrow

Structural glazing specialists Structura illuminante the UK's busiest airport...

Heathrow's Terminal 4.

Structura, the leading Kalwall distributor and curtainwall engineer, has recently completed a challenging and fascinating ‘replace and refurbishment’ project at Heathrow’s Terminal 4.

The scheme, designed by Pascall & Watson Architects, was completed in conjunction with structural engineers Webb Yates. The finished project proved so successful that main contractor Balfour Beatty named Structura as their ‘Most Promising New Supplier 2018’.

Presented with the tricky task of replacing ageing glass rooflights originally installed in the 1980s, Structura rose to the challenge, supplying 1750 square metres of Kalwall ‘Skyroof’ cladding above the Terminal’s International Departure Lounge and check-in desks.

Fully ASAID blast performance compliant, Kalwall improves the solar control and insulation to the space below. In this project, its inherent strength in a lightweight frame means the existing substrate could be adapted and reused – saving £7m in project costs and more than one year from the build programme. The whole retrofit was completed externally in ‘engineering hours’ using a bespoke moving scaffold, meaning there was no disruption to the inside of the building.

Kalwall offers complete line-of-sight protection, maintaining privacy for the security screening area and departure lounges, whilst bathing the interior with diffused daylighting, regardless of the weather. In addition to the visual protection, its strength and heavy-duty impact resistance makes it ideal for secure locations such as Heathrow Airport. Kalwall offers the highest protection in terms of wind-borne debris and resistance to impact, abrasion and point loads.

Not only is it safe to walk on, but it also achieves S:AA (BS 476 part 3) and Broof(t4) to EN 13501 part 5 for external fire performance. The exterior face is colour stable and includes a UV resistant, self-cleaning surface. This ensures that normal rainfall helps to keep the surface free of dust and dirt, whilst simultaneously retaining its original colour during the weathering process.

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