Cobra strikes with GT7 2-Way nozzle

With a multitude of various applications, GT7 has been around for the last eight years in 200ml and 600ml versions and has become a rm favourite with trades people and DIY enthusiasts.

More than just a penetrating oil, the product is also a lubricant, cleaner, contact spray, protector, fights rust and is a water repellent. Due to its unique ‘Cold Shock Effect’, GT7 delivers an instant reaction when sprayed onto rust, causing the particles to freeze. GT7 is also a fantastic moisture repellent; simply spray the GT7 onto the working parts of your power tool and you will have instant protection against moisture. GT7 is also fantastic for loosening those stubborn bolts that do not want to be opened.

Spray GT7 on to the nut and bolt and leave it for a few minutes to work. Don’t worry if the bolt is standing upright – GT7 defies gravity and works its way up the bolt.