CITB NI training initiatives benefit construction industry

The Construction Industry Training Board Northern Ireland (CITB NI) offers training and development opportunities to professionals across construction sectors

With more effective training, employees and subcontractors can stay motivated, work more safely and faster whilst making fewer mistakes. Not only does additional training prove to clients that your workers are competent professionals but with more clients and contractors insisting on a fully qualified workforce, it is becoming essential to get on site at all. CITB NI is focused on driving investment in the skills and training that a growing construction sector requires, working with contractors and professional trade bodies to support training initiatives and skills development for the overall benefit of the industry.

The long-established training grant scheme is very popular and CITB NI offers direct grants to registered employers to support a wide range of training and qualifications for employees working in Northern Ireland. Barry Neilson, CITB NI Chief Executive said, “We encourage CITB NI registered employers to undertake training and make use of our grant scheme to help improve skills within the workforce. The training is not limited to just the construction trades, it also includes administration, supervision and management training. The training grant funds are easy to claim, with employers encouraged to claim online via our website.”

CITB NI is currently working in partnership with Inspire Workplaces to offer a range of construction-sector- focused, awareness-raising courses including mental health awareness, first aid and bereavement and addiction support. CITB NI supports other training which is delivered via their mobile training unit; scaffolding courses, VET 360 virtual environment training and specialist short courses delivered in partnership with industry.

CITB NI’s business improvement seminars and workshops help local construction employers develop skills in key business areas. Topics include Digital Marketing & Social Media, GDPR, Legislative Changes, Emerging Technologies and BIM. The seminars are held in local towns and cities across Northern Ireland for ease of access, and employers also get the chance to hear the latest information on CITB NI training initiatives, grants and funding. Led by industry experts, the Business Improvement Seminars are both informal and easy to book, and CITB NI encourages employers to attend to help develop their skills which will, in turn, help develop their businesses.

CITB NI also promotes construction to younger generations, to help them consider construction as a career option for the future. Through careers fairs, exhibitions and a team of construction ambassadors, they provide information on the vast range of careers available within the industry.

CITB NI, Nutts Corner Training Centre, 17 Dundrod Road, Crumlin, County Antrim, BT29 4SR.
T: +44 (0)28 9082 5466