Talk to the experts at CED Stone Group

Established for over 35 years and with five nationwide depots, the company can supply just about anything imaginable – as long as it’s made from stone!

CED holds a vast range of aggregates, gravels, cobbles and pebbles, in a huge array of colours, shapes and sizes. Whether you need stone for a driveway or for decorative purposes, CED can supply the perfect product, whatever the requirement.

Over 30 different types of aggregates are held throughout the company’s nationwide depots. However, depending on your geographical location and the depot closest to you, additional aggregates and gravels may be available. Decorative aggregates are suitable for a variety of uses including driveways, pathways, mulching of borders and water features.

CED Stone Group also stocks a vast amount of cobbles and pebbles, in different sizes, colours and material types, including Scottish Beach Cobbles & Pebbles, Polished Pebbles and Flat Pebbles which are ideal for creating mosaics. However, if the company does not stock what you are looking for, the team at CED Stone Group is more than happy to try its best to source what you are looking for.

Alongside this range of stocked aggregates, gravels, cobbles and pebbles, CED Stone Group also has its very own CEDAgravel — a unique gravel stabilisation system.

CEDAgravel transforms loose gravel pathways and access areas into a firm gravel surface. CEDAgravel has been through extensive research and development to bring the very best gravel stabilisation system to the market. The large folding sheets are fitted with a geotextile underside and have been tested to 400 tonnes per m2 when filled. Once filled, the gravel compacts and will not spread, thus supporting most traffic.

CED Stone Group also holds huge stocks of other products including natural stone paving, treepit and footpath gravels, porcelain paving, boulders, Dutch Clay Paviors, ancillary products and more. The company also supplies to the commercial sector and has a commercial department specifically for projects that require specified products.

For more information on CED Stone Group’s products and services visit or telephone the Ireland depot on 028 8225 8457.