New affordable fire alarms for construction sites

The Bull Site Siren systems are designed as stand-alone temporary fire alarms on construction sites. These affordable alarms are fully self-contained and can be used separately as a stand-alone device, linked by cable or linked with a radio connection.

The alarms have the benefit of an extremely robust ABS casing for maximum durability. They have a very high noise output of 115dB, more than adequate to be heard over the general noise on construction sites. No mains electricity is needed as the units operate from 9V PP3 batteries and they can be used for internal or external use with their IP65 rating. The alarms feature a flashing strobe as well as the siren.

Where linking is required between the fire alarms, this couldn’t be more straight forward and is achieved simply by connecting cables positive to positive and negative to negative, using the integral quick-release lead connectors.

The radio link version of the Bull Site Siren system is a particularly popular alarm in the construction industry. With this alarm there are no cables to connect, with installation simply requiring a unique site coding configuration to enable the wireless connection. This avoids interference with neighbouring alarm systems or radio systems in general. This coding mechanism also means that the system can be locked together and when an alarm is activated, only the alarms that have been locked to the activated alarm will sound.

The Bull Site Siren call points are compatible with Fire-Bull smoke and heat detection devices and the system can have separate zones running a maximum of 12 alarms per zone.

Bull Products provides full on-site installation service, maintenance and training on the Site Siren systems.

Further information on the new Site Siren systems is available from Bull Products on 0844 669 1111, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at