Building connections: Northern Ireland’s future in a digital world

Despite recent challenges, the transformation of Northern Ireland’s built environment continues apace – and demand for new, next-generation building developments, projects and initiatives is growing exponentially year on year.

Demands for Net Zero, sustainability, innovation, knowledge and technology are all bringing new challenges – and opportunities – to our construction sector which directly provides over 50,000 jobs and contributes around seven per cent to our annual GDP.

The Department for the Economy’s 10X Economy Strategy – an economic vision for a decade of transformation – embraces innovation to deliver a ten times better economy using digital to power ourselves forward. 

In an industry which represents the building blocks of our economy, the building, design and construction sector has a vital role to play. Thankfully, that next-generation technology is already here, providing the industry with a huge opportunity to shape the future for the industry and its clients.

It should come as no surprise that the region’s tech sector is among the best in the world, leading in digital software development, fintech, cybersecurity, aerospace, and AI, all of which rely on strong digital networks and Wi-Fi technologies in offices, innovation hubs and manufacturing sites. The success of our travel, hospitality and retail sectors also relies on the strength of a powerful best-in-class network infrastructure. 

“In a highly competitive arena, the construction sector here is beginning to move more quickly, realising that leveraging technology in the project planning stages presents a significant business value opportunity – and where the scalable development of digital capability should be routinely considered when determining overall project success.”

Having invested in Northern Ireland for more than 15 years, eir evo UK leads in the delivery of seamless end-to-end wireless network technology networks that best fit clients’ needs and which are future-proofed with the capacity required as demand grows. 

Recognising the future digital needs of a new generation, eir evo UK recently designed and delivered a new state-of-the-art network across all of Ulster University’s campuses, uniting them with the flexibility, security and confidence to learn, innovate and grow in a globally connected world.  

Future-proofing service delivery for hundreds of thousands of residents, we are also delivering a high-capacity network and managed services to 10 regional councils in Northern Ireland, connecting almost 600 council sites with the infrastructure needed to enable digital services and the development of new technology to help drive productivity and economic growth.

Across the private sector, we support many of the region’s leading businesses, including Ulster University, Dowds Group and firmus energy, through the installation and delivery of wireless network infrastructure and technology to help optimise their success.

For staff and users, the benefits are endless. Access and availability, greater security, more efficiencies, flexibility, and cost savings have emboldened next-generation wireless networks in our future – and there is no going back.

The future of our workplaces, homes, leisure and travel facilities, colleges, schools and hospitality venues is being built on the quality of the digital networks we provide. The future of construction in Northern Ireland is digital, thanks to wireless on site connectivity and smart networks that fit the needs of every user. 

By choosing the right connectivity partner, forward-thinking construction companies will benefit from all the opportunities that the latest advances in technology present and can make all the difference in providing a connectivity solution for your client. 

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