Build Aviator takes flight at JP Corry

Q: What is Build Aviator?
A: Build Aviator provides a range of services to not only help reduce the risk of non-compliance on a project, but to also save time and increase efficiency throughout the build process.

Q: Who is it aimed at?
A: We are offering this service to house builders, architects, self-builders and developers and it is available across all of our 17 branches in Northern Ireland.

Q: What do these services include?
A: It is a unique package that includes SAP assessments, estimating service, RCDs, air tightness testing and acoustic testing.

Q: What are the main advantages?
A: Our aim is to provide peace of mind for customers by saving them time and money, reducing risk and increasing the efficiency of the building process.

Q: Why is it different?
A: Most SAP Assessments only provide a one or two page outline, while we can provide an in-depth service specific to the client’s needs, allowing us to identify cost savings and potential risks before it hits site. The services help to ensure the project remains on budget and provides support in meeting building regulations.

Q: How will it help control budgets?
A: Budgets can be so difficult to manage, particularly for self-builders. As a builders’ merchant, this is our area of expertise and our complete estimation service not only focuses on providing accurate estimates for the products that we stock at JP Corry but all products used on the project. We also utilise our expertise and knowledge to highlight solutions by working with the designer and builder to determine the most effective construction method which doesn’t have to break the bank. To provide an accurate estimation of the build, we also factor in labour, hire and preliminary costs.

Q: Can you assist with compliance?
A: Gaining Building Control approval doesn’t have to be time consuming or give you sleepless nights. With the Build Aviator services, we can plan and prevent many risks that may arise by looking at the various requirements you need in order to meet building regulations.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It depends on the size and nature of the project, so it will vary. Once we sit down with a customer and talk through their requirements we can provide an estimate. We have found that the efficiency savings we are able to offer means that the service pays for itself.

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