Bespoke Brick Features with offsite quality

Properties with character sell faster and for more money, but with a diminishing pool of skilled workers, how can builders build distinctive houses efficiently?

Turning distinctive designs into character homes often requires skilled bricklayers who are in short supply on today’s building sites, particularly as we’re in a growing national skills shortage. So, what’s the answer?

A compelling solution from Keystone Lintels is the offsite manufacture of Brick Slip Feature Lintels that are delivered ready to install with ready-applied brick slips that blend seamlessly into the building.

The benefits of Brick Slip Feature Lintels include:

  • Aesthetics: Supporting steel or timber is completely hidden. Brick slips can be laid in any pattern, and lintels, soffits and arches can be created in any shape or depth. The brick slips are cut from bricks being used onsite, so they blend seamlessly into the traditionally laid brickwork.
  • Quality control: Offsite manufacture allows for strict controls ensuring a superior, quality installed product which is difficult to achieve on a working site in all weathers.
  • Speed of build: The supporting steel is lightweight and easy to install, and there’s no waiting around for specialist bricklayers, enabling contractors to achieve detailed brick features quickly and efficiently – on time without disruption.
  • Health and safety: No brick cutting is required onsite and lightweight, one-piece features can be lifted into place without mechanical equipment.
  • Technical support: Keystone provides specialist support for architects and contractors to ensure their vision is achieved using the most appropriate products in the correct dimensions and designs.

Pre-fabricated Brick Slip Feature Lintels use steel structural elements to which brick slips are securely bonded so the size, shape or detail of the features are only limited by the imagination of the architect/designer.

Manufactured bespoke to order, Brick Slip Feature Lintels are customised to the unique size, shape and aesthetic requirements of the project. Some of the options include bullseyes, parabolic arches, gothic arches, apex, segmental arch and semi-circular. In fact, any shape you can think of can be created using a steel frame, onto which brick slips are bonded in the design specified by the architect or contractor.

For more information, contact Keystone’s technical team on 028 867 62184.