Put a lawn on a balcony!

Traditionally there have been problems which made this virtually impossible, the weight of soil needed on a balcony, cutting the grass and disposing of the cuttings week after week etc.

Wonderlawn has the answer. Modern artificial turf – it always looks perfect and is virtually maintenance-free, it’s as easy to clean as a carpet and both hoovers and washes well. It’s also impervious to stains, so the odd spilled glass of wine or baby food is not a problem either.

Almost everyone enjoys some aspects of a garden – which is probably the reason so many of us have potted plants and flowers in our homes. Understandably there is a natural reluctance to put anything that feels rough or harsh like plastic on a balcony.   But Wonderlawn’s latest artificial grass is very different – it’s pleasant to the touch and feels soft and natural.

Some balconies are not strong enough to support the heavy weight of soil needed to grow grass, but the real, long-term problem with real grass is cutting it every week.   Artificial grass allows you to avoid these problems and create a perfect mini-garden on your balcony. Even better, there’s no grass cutting or weeding to be done, so you can spend your time sitting back and relaxing. With Wonderlawn’s balcony system drainage comes built-in to a thick matting underlay, so you never have to worry about rain (or mud) collecting on your new mini-garden.

So, if you live in an apartment with a balcony or terrace space that you could be getting more use from, or even in a house with a minimal garden but a generous flat rooftop, artificial grass could be the perfect way to create your own urban oasis. Just add lush plants, some atmospheric solar lighting, a stylish bistro furniture set and enjoy going al fresco above the skyline.

All Wonderlawn come complete with a comprehensive (and indeed unique in the UK) ten year guarantee, not just on the grass but on the full installation as well.

For more information contact Mel Wright, Wonderlawn, sales@wonderlawn.com or visitwww.wonderlawn.com