Architectural design and building products: the ultimate partnership

RTU is committed to developing a range of building products that excel in performance and efficiency and provide architects with aesthetic options to bring designs to life…

In commercial property, the associated strand of architecture focuses on combining function with style to meet a wide range of use cases, including different businesses, occupations and educational organisations. Whereas commercial buildings once focused on function alone, new design-thinking and innovative building products allow architects to show off their creativity and create buildings that transform our streetscapes and contribute to the occupants’ motivation, health and wellbeing.

In addition to regulatory requirements, commercial architects must consider how a building’s external and internal design reflects modern expectations. At RTU, we ensure that we align with these requirements. For over thirty years, our team has committed to ongoing R&D, developing a range of building products that excel in performance and efficiency and provide architects with aesthetic options to bring designs to life. Recent projects include the Queen’s University Student Centre featuring our Exposa. Decorative Concrete, which delivers a safe, durable, and visually stunning holistic outdoor design.

RTU Coloured Mortar, used at the new Ulster University Belfast Campus, is another excellent example of our products achieving a specified design outcome, where it complements the brickwork, culminating in a dramatic facade inspired by the surrounding Belfast Hills. One of our most recent additions to the RTU signature range is Zircon. This innovative, polished concrete is available in various colours and textures for a range of finishes.

Zircon Decorative Concrete supplies the ever-growing demand from designers, architects and consumers for the raw beauty of a hardwearing and low-maintenance product. Customers can select six colour varieties and different polishing grades to achieve interiors that are homely and warm or cool and edgy throughout styles that range from industrial character to contemporary, modern and sleek.


EXPOSA® – An aesthetically pleasing, durable and slip-resistant decorative concrete, Exposa is the ultimate alternative to paving, asphalt, tarmac and loose gravel. What makes Exposa stand out from the crowd is the variety of colours that allows designers and architects to be bold or subtle in their design work.

ULTRAFLO® – Enjoy improved energy efficiency and lower running costs with underfloor heating. A key benefit of Ultraflo. is minimal drying shrinkage compared to cement-based screeds. Minimal drying shrinkage reduces the risk of cracking and allows areas between movement joints to be dramatically increased.

ULTRACEM® – Our Portland cementbased, pump-applied liquid floor screed excels due to its fast-track qualities and the speed and ease of installation over traditional sand: cement screeds. Ultracem is a diverse product compatible with all standard floor coverings, including tiles, wood, vinyl, carpet and wet areas.

ULTRABEAD® – Ultrabead is a specially engineered thermal lightweight screed that improves the thermal performance of internal floors. This product is manufactured from a high-quality, factory-produced EPS bead that meets the BS EN 13163 standard criteria.

ZIRCON® – This technically designed decorative concrete delivers a sleek polished floor that can be finished with various grades of polishing to achieve the desired look for your project. Zircon offers a chic and durable alternative to natural stone by being stylish, hardwearing, and low maintenance.

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