Cool Antarctic jobs offer opportunity of a lifetime

The British Antarctic Survey is seeking a range of trades staff for its research stations in Antarctica, and in addition to builders, it wants to attract carpenters, mechanical services technicians, electrical services technicians, steel erectors and chefs.

It’s an opportunity of a lifetime according to BAS’ HR Business Partner, James Miller.

He said, “We have world-class laboratories, accommodation buildings, offices and technical facilities at our five scientific research stations in Antarctica. We need the best trades and support professionals to keep everything running smoothly and to provide top quality support to our science programme. The chance to work on the ice surrounded by stunning scenery, icebergs, penguins, whales and seals is an opportunity of a lifetime and will be a fantastic experience.”

Mechanical Services Technician, Thomas Clements, carries out essential maintenance on the stations. He is currently working at BAS’s most southerly research station, Halley.

“My advice for anyone contemplating a job with British Antarctic Survey would be – don’t think twice! I’ve made some fantastic memories down here which will stay with me for a lifetime.”

Contracts run from four to 18 months and are flexible. The benefits package includes a starting salary of £23,937 per annum, with a 10% bonus on successful completion. In addition, all living expenses are covered – accommodation, food, travel, specialist clothing, tools and training. An allowance is also paid if significant training is needed at BAS Head Office in Cambridge before deployment.

Job seekers can apply online: