Airborne hazard defence from JSP

The PPE specialists at JSP have added the new Force10 Typhoon full face mask to the company’s comprehensive product range.

At only 365g, the new Force10 Typhoon is an extremely lightweight, easy to maintain, full face mask. In addition, the completely clear panoramic visor maximises light levels within the mask to give optimum visibility.

The optical class 1 panoramic visor conforms to EN166.B, offering impact protection at speeds of up to 270mph (tested using a 6mm steel ball bearing). The visor can have the option of a replaceable peel-off visor protector to prolong its life.

Extensive research has been carried out by NIOSH (ISO16976-2) to distinguish the world’s five most common facial shapes. Using this research, JSP has digitally optimised the ergonomics of the Force10 Typhoon’s face seal to maximise wearer compatibility.

As comfort and fit is a key feature of this ultra-lightweight mask, the Force10 Typhoon is available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large). This is further enhanced by the web-like structure of the harness, which cradles the user’s head to ensure that the wearer is comfortable throughout the working day.

The unique Typhoon exhalation valve has been designed to reduce breathing resistance, heat and moisture build-up. The valve is unaffected by any moisture, and therefore can be used with the same performance under very low temperatures (it has been tested to -40°C).

The Force10 Typhoon Mask is compatible with both JSP Classic filters and JSP PressToCheck filters, which allow for Daily Face Fit Reassurance™ so the user is confident of an excellent fit.

This mask has been meticulously engineered to incorporate a small number of key components. Therefore, disassembly, cleaning and maintenance are effortless, with replacement parts available if necessary.

With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, JSP provides customers with exceptional products and value added solutions. This is thanks to its market driven focus and best-in-class manufacturing.

JSP’s dedicated research and development team is constantly working towards the development of new products and the company’s range includes PPE for head, respiratory, eye and face, and heating protection The company also offers height safety, traffic management, spill and site safety, and Swiss One eyewear products.

For more information on the new Force10 Typhoon or any JSP products, contact Stephen Beattie, JSP Ireland, on 07827319675, or email