A year of change at MacBlair Boucher

Located at Balmoral Road, just off the main Boucher Road in Belfast, MacBlair Boucher was the first of the company’s branches to be rebranded under the MacBlair banner following a major refurbishment.

Branch Manager, Tom Dunn, who recently took over the post after being promoted from his position as Sales Manager, feels it has been a very positive year.

Tom Dunne, Branch Manager, MacBlair Boucher.

“There have been a lot of improvements at the branch but the most important aspect of this has been that it has been a successful year for us,” he said. “There is a superb team ethic here and, collectively, we have ensured that, despite the changes, our service levels have remained high.”

The rebranding has ensured that MacBlair Boucher – as with the company’s branches across Northern Ireland – can showcase a range of specialist services on offer. The MacBlair Boucher branch incorporates MacBlair Plumbing, MacBlair Civils and MacBlair Paint. The additions of a door and floor display and a power tools demonstration area have also proved successful. The group’s central stores facility is also located on site, meaning the Boucher store is the hub for stock across the entire branch network.

“Stock and service remain key and we really do work hard to live up to the Here to Help motto. The new-look has definitely helped to attract new customers, particularly the general public, but that means little if you can’t deliver a good service.”

With its convenient and easily accessible location, MacBlair Boucher attracts a variety of customers, including the province’s leading building contractors, so being able to balance these varying demands is a challenge.

Tom added, “We play to the strengths of our team and while we can call on people with a lot of experience, everyone is open to new ideas and better ways of delivering our service. Personally, I have benefitted from the expertise of others within the company and that team ethic has been encouraged at every level.

“We are constantly asking whether or not what we are doing is aimed at helping the customer. We have a fantastic location that makes life easier for customers but we also have a lot of competition in the surrounding area, so that keeps you focused.

“After a successful 12 months that has brought a lot of change, we are now more settled and are looking forward to building on this over the next year.”

For more information on MacBlair Boucher, telephone 028 9055 1379, e-mail boucher@macblair.com or visit www.macblair.com