A safe pair of boots with HAIX

Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, commonly referred to as WRMSDs, accounted for 34% of all working days lots due to work related ill health in 2015/16.  To avoid these incidences occurring, workers must be protected with the correct safety footwear.

Without protection, painful injures and musculoskeletal disorders could develop, potentially damaging both individual health and businesses reputation.

There are over 200 musculoskeletal conditions affecting millions of people; early symptoms include poor posture, muscular tightness, joint stiffness, restricted range movement and persistent pains and twinges. Approximately 30% of all GP consultations are about such complaints.

If problems develop, this could result in devastating outcomes for the individual, with long term absence from work and a potential loss of earnings. For the employer, productivity and in turn, profitability may be affected.

The number of new cases of WRMSDs in 2015/16 was 176,000. To help reduce the issue and incidence rate, occupational footwear should protect feet and offer comfort and support to help reduce injury. Waterproof, breathable qualities are also important, keeping feet temperature between the ideal 28-30 degrees.

Unlike traditional safety boots deemed as chunky and uncomfortable, there are now a range of lightweight designs on the market, equipped with specialist features to withstand certain tasks. All boots should adhere to European ISO standard: ISO 20345:2011 that ensures basic requirements for safety footwear.

Workers in the building and construction sectors are often responsible for purchasing their own safety boots and may be tempted to buy cheaper designs because of the financial implications. Often cheaper designs do not offer the quality and key features of a slightly more expensive boot, potentially increasing the risk of MSK injuries and compromising comfort and safety.

Investing in quality, compliant safety footwear is essential, and HAIX has a global reputation for producing high specification safety footwear. The company is committed to developing functional features in safety footwear to meet end user demand, continually setting new trends and standards. Above conventional requirements for safety footwear, HAIX prioritises comfort, stability, breathability and durability, providing individuals with a boot that makes all the difference during their working day.

Without the right protection, workers face life changing injuries that could have been prevented.  Take action now to avoid suffering any long term repercussions.

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