A new generation of ultra-comfortable safety gloves

Safety Solutions NI has become the exclusive stockists in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for the next generation of ultra-comfortable safety gloves from Tegera®.

The new Tegera® Infinity™  safety glove range is so snug, comfortable and sensitive that it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a glove at all. This is the whole idea behind TEGERA® Infinity™ from Ejendals, a new generation of safety gloves that offers superb grip, dexterity, softness and, of course, protection. The Infinity range is based on proprietary new materials, design and manufacturing technologies. So, whether you’re attempting to achieve the impossible or everyday work challenges, you can feel free to conquer with comfort.

For the construction industry, there are three main gloves to focus on:

  • The ultra-soft smoothie – With its ultra-smooth at finish and extra-soft liner, the Tegera® Infinity™ 8800 is a light-duty safety glove that offers high sensitivity, excellent grip and protection. An ultra-thin glove for precision work in dry to semi-dry conditions, it’s ideal for work situations where fingertip dexterity and precision handling are essential to productivity.
  • The maxed-out fluid protector – Ejendals’ top-end oil and water-resistant Tegera® Infinity™ 8804 model is ideal for situations requiring high dexterity and protection in very slippery work environments. Ideal for wet and oily work conditions where grip is key, and still super thin and comfortable, it offers excellent tactility with a maximum level of liquid protection on multiple surfaces.
  • Soft grip meets superior safety – With its flexible group, curved fingers and CRF® liner, the Tegera® Infinity™ 8807 Cut 5 offers a unique combination of safety and comfort. The dipping technique ensures that the glove is soft and pliable, while the cut-resistant fibres add extra strength and durability. This is ideal for assembly, mounting or other tough environments where sharp edges may be present. Jeff Hull, Managing Director of Safety Solutions NI, commented, “We pride ourselves on bringing customers the best possible products, and the Tegera® Infinity™ is exactly that.

“If you don’t think your gloves are up to the job or if you don’t think you are getting value for money, then why not try a free sample of the next generation of safety gloves and see what this range has to offer. I’m con dent you will both see and feel the difference.”

Safety Solutions NI is providing a free sample of the new Tegera® Infinity™ safety gloves.
To claim your free sample or for more information,

T: 028 9262 2444
E: info@safetyni.com