A higher level of safety

Working at height has never been less scary, thanks to Ridgeway...

The Combisafe Escalib is one of the fastest and simplest stair towers on the market.

Safety at height is at the forefront of modern-day life on a building site, and Ridgeway has a vast range of complementary products that offer the best value in solving work at height related issues. With engineering capabilities for design and the best trained teams of installers, Ridgeway can offer loading platforms, temporary edge protection and site access stairs.

A strategic partnership with Conquip has opened a vast range of new products to Ridgeway that align perfectly with their work at height capabilities. Conquip CantiDecks are a temporary loading platform that extend from a building structure to allow materials and equipment to be loaded in and out of the building safely. The CantiDeck system is the fastest loading bay for relocation and installation, with a high working load capacity to enable loading of a wide variety of materials. On-site training enables site operatives to relocate the platforms safely and efficiently.

Ridgeway is now stocking Combisafe Escalib, one of the fastest and simplest stair towers on the market. For applications where there are space constraints, such as city centres, lift shafts, and roads between carriageways, the Combisafe Escalib is a quick and cost-effective stair tower solution.

The Combisafe Steel Mesh Barrier system has been the forerunner in edge protection for two decades. Originally developed to offer an alternative safety system in the most challenging construction environments, it is now the most widely used name in formalised edge protection. With a vast array of different attachments Combisafe SMB can offer edge protection solutions for all requirements.

Combisafe also supplies the Safety Net Fan which is the latest innovation in high-rise fall protection and is ideally suited to compact inner-city locations where space is at a premium. This system provides collective protection from falling objects and ensures that potential hazards to the general public and site operatives are vastly reduced. Ridgeway has specialist trained and experienced Pro Rigger Squads who have extensive experience in the safe assembly, use and dismantling of a wide range of access systems.

Ridgeway’s Access and Safety Store is now available online so don’t hesitate to browse their wide range of site products and PPE. Please visit www.accessandsafetystore.com for more information.

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